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We offer rental of troika (three horses harnessed to a sleigh). We will help you to plunge into the unusual atmosphere of Russian winter and relax from the hustle and bustle. Russian soul adores riding on a troika of white horses, so much so that the pristyajnie are run with wrapped necks, like swans, releasing steam from nostrils. Korennik, the central figure in the troika, must be strong and intelligent, and well-trained, because he takes main role in the troika.


Very few people know that harness horses, cab drivers, and horse transport were officially considered the main transport in Russia until the middle of the last century. Then they were completely replaced by cars. Today it is not so much a means of transportation, as entertainment, which gives a powerful charge of positive emotions. Horseback riding occupies a special niche in the tourism business. But riding on real troika you can only in Russia. In Europe and Asia horses are harnessed to carriages by three for ceremonial occasions.

Ptitza-troika, sani-rozvalni, medvejiya polst - all this is primordially Russian and does not occur anywhere in the world. It is so cool to ride in a sleigh on frosty morning by the frosty street. Pushkin A.S. (famous Russian poet) knew this feeling when he called his beauty to ride by the first snow.


Imagine your own wedding if it started with a trip on Russian troika. Bubenchik under the arc, horses with ribbons wich are interwoven in long luxurious manes and tails. Sledge or crew. Fabulously, unusually, romantically!

Is it possible today? We invite you to try what it's like- rush on troika with bells!

Remember how it was: "Postoronis! Ah, zaletnye! Noo, rodimie! " The coachman will try to give the riders maximum pleasure from a quick ride on troika!

To order, please, call + 7 (495) 204-10-20.

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