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A wedding carriage

We offer to order our carriages for wedding, birthday or for a photo shoot. We have more than 10 years experience

and during this time we bought a lot of exclusive horse-drawn transport and even built the workshop for carriages manufacturing and servicing.

A trip in the carriage- сomfortable and romantic

We can rent a carriages of various types: fabulous, historical copies, modern variants, for sports teams. All of them are in excellent condition, shine with varnish and gilding, the seats are covered with leather, the salons are upholstered in silk and not inferior in quality of the materials. Our transport has an easy, soft move and very comfortable lounges. There is heating for the cold season in many closed-type models. Thanks to this they are willingly rented in winter.

Work by the principle: "The best for our customers"

We stay in a single style in every detail. Decoration, horse harness and even coachman's clothes - everything corresponds to the subject of the event. Carriages, triplets and phaethons are used on wedding. They are rented for romantic walks, including night walks. Many of the coaches took part in the shooting of photo sessions and films.

For the most exquisite events the carriages are decorated with flowers , and horses- with sultans of feathers and ribbons in manes. Our horses are clean, well-groomed and well trained animals. They are not afraid of crowds of people, cars on the streets and listen well to coach teams. Our drivers and coachmans perfectly control the situation on the roads.

A trip in our transport is a real holiday. Not forget your camera!

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