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Question: Can I order jewelry for a coach, and not just rent it?

Answer: Good afternoon! Yes, we provide such services. At your request, the florists will decorate both the carriage and the horses with flowers. Special wishes for the festive registration of the crew you can specify by filling out the order form on our website.

Question: Good afternoon! How can I make an order if I have already decided on a particular coach and want to rent it in the near future?

Answer: Hello. If you have already chosen a crew, then you can make an application for rent directly on our website! Specify all the information that is required for an order in a special form, and send it to the specified email address. The second way is to call our operators at +7 (495) 204-10-20 and provide all the information directly to them.

Question: Hello! We plan to order a coach for the wedding. What would you recommend?

Answer: Good afternoon! In our catalog you can see and medieval models of coaches, and relatively modern. For weddings invariably popular carriages of white color - it emphasizes solemnity and harmoniously complements your holiday. You can rent both a 4-seat and a 2-seater crew (for example, if the carriage is designed only for the newlyweds). To the wedding day remembered all your guests and impressed with its originality, you can rent a coach for all guests. We will help you to create a luxurious wedding cortege both in medieval and in more modern stylistics.

Question: Good morning. Tell, please, do you have a discount system?

Answer: Good afternoon! Yes, we provide discounts for customers. On our site you can find information about those carriages for which rent is now reduced prices. The rental price also depends on the number of horses harnessed to the crew. At your request, this amount can be reduced or increased. You can get detailed information from our operators by contacting them by phone (495) 204-10-20.

Question: Good afternoon. Tell me, please, how safe are the trips in your coaches? In particular, who manages the crews, and what horses do you use?

Answer: Good afternoon. The carriage ride is absolutely safe: all our crews are in perfect condition and undergo a thorough check before leaving the route. We trust coach management only to highly trained coachmen, and all horses are specially trained for such work.

Question: Hello, do you provide the coachman with the coach?

Answer: Good afternoon. Yes, the coachman's work is included in the rental price of the coach. We will also take care of the outfit so that its appearance matches the style of the crew. Our job is to make your holiday ideal to the smallest detail.

Question: Good afternoon. I want to give a gift to a girl: a meeting in a carriage with a trip through the evening city. Can you advise what it is better to choose for such an evening?

Answer: Hello! We can offer you the rental of coaches designed for two people, for example, the crew of Orlovsky. We also recommend making a choice depending on the weather - it may be more appropriate to rent a closed crew (coach "Cinderella", "Fairy tale, etc.) or Lando English, which can easily be transformed from a closed crew to an open one. If you are interested in more modern models, pay attention to the crew blue in gold or the crew black.

Question: Hello! Explain, please, how is the difference between the cost of one hour of coach rental and each subsequent hour calculated?

Answer: Good afternoon! The minimum order for the coach is 1 hour of work + 1 hour of filing, therefore the indicated price includes the payment for the hour of the vehicle's delivery. All subsequent hours no longer include this fee, but only the cost of work, so this difference in price. For example, if it is stated that 1 hour costs 16,000 rubles, and each subsequent 5,500 rubles, this means that 16,000 is the price for work and the hour of submission, and 5,500 is just your trip.

Question: Hello! Tell me, please, does the number of horses affect the cost of renting?

Answer: Good afternoon! Yes, the cost of rent depends on the number of horses. An important role is played by the type of crew: there are coaches designed for 1 horse, and there are also 4. If the number of horses is less, the cost of rent also decreases accordingly. You can get detailed information from our operators.

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