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How to make an equestrian cart?

The cart is used as a decoration item on the site and it is used for the transport of goods. You can make it yourself.

The basic steps for making a cart with your own hands:

  • First, look for the right wheels. They can be bought in any market or use wheels from a bicycle. You can also use the wheels from an old stroller.
  • In order to make the body of the trolley, you will need plywood, and as a tool you can use a screwdriver, a hacksaw, a screwdriver or a drill.
  • Next is to measure the very diameter of our wheels and take away from them 1 mm. Thus, we calculate the dimensions of our semi-axes. The axis should be made from a wooden bar, it will also play the role of a supporting element. The timber bar should be of the same size as the cart itself. You can choose any sizes, but do not make it less than 60 cm, because in this case it will play only a decorative role.
  • In the center of the wooden beam, it will be necessary to make a hole with a drill of about 15 cm in depth and a diameter of about 10 mm. A pin M12 will be placed in this hole. Then we measure the length to which the stud protrudes, take into account the dimensions of the nut, and we simply cut off the excess. On the axle we set the washers, and the inner side is densely lubricated with a solidol or graphite grease.
  • Wheels should be fixed using nuts. Now our axle is ready, and you can start making the case. The body can be made of plywood, which will be resistant to moisture. First we cut out a rectangle from it, which will be approximately equal to the length of the axis from the tree. Then, using self-tapping screws, we fix our bottom to the axis in such a way that the bottom edge slightly goes beyond the edges of the axis.
  • After that, you can form the front wall of the plywood and fasten it to the body with screws.
  • The final elements are the side walls. They have a triangular shape. The side walls not only give our cart a complete look, but will also serve as an additional element that gives rigidity to the design. The side walls should be fastened to the front.
  • Further we make two support so that during unloading or loading it would be possible to put the cart on the ground. In order for the plywood to be even stronger and more resistant to moisture, it should be painted.
  • We hope that our advice will be useful to you, and the self-created cart will please you and bring benefits for many years.

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