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Around the world on horseback

Many of you probably heard something about an unusual round-the-world trip - a real equestrian expedition - its participants visited the Far East, Siberia and the Urals. What ended this, in its own extreme adventure, what was with travelers on Sakhalin, in Europe and the US - all this you will learn, after reading this essay until the end.


The ideologist of the horse expedition around the world became Peter Polonin. Twenty years ago, Peter planned to go to Sakhalin on Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's travel route, and as Polonin planned to move on horseback, his goal was to draw the attention of the general public to the problems of horse breeding, as well as environmental problems. It was necessary to find sponsors. They were searched in Moscow.

At first, no one believed that such an expedition was possible, except perhaps that Peter Polonin himself and his first partner, Shaburov Nikolay. Representatives of republican organizations looked at this idea only as a utopia, and therefore refused to support it. They even tried to convince Peter and Nikolay to leave thoughts about the realization of this idea forever.

Polonin and Shaburov unexpectedly supported A.F. Laptev, who at that time was the governor of the Ivanovo region. Inviting enthusiasts to himself, he promised to help them until they are outside the Ivanovo region. It was already something ...

Various enterprises of the city of Ivanovo, at the suggestion of Laptev, agreed to sponsor a horse cruise around the world. The Gavrilovo-Posadsky stud farm gave the travelers a couple of healthy heavy-duty trucks, the truck crane plant undertook to make a comfortable tent. We collected ammunition, the governor handed Polonin and Laptev letters to the heads of administrations of those regions that the Ivanovites planned to cross on their journey.

Peter and Nicholas blessed in the way the abbot of the Preobrazhensky Cathedral. The summer of 1992 has come. On the 3rd of June the horse expedition to Sakhalin began.

Peter Polonin notes the importance of the ritual of consecration, saying that further, on all roads, the feeling of protection of the Higher Power did not leave them.

What is the importance of the first part of the expedition, what is noticeable?

Polonin claims that the main thing for them was to believe in their strength, and in the strength of their horses. Up to the Far East, they walked a year, and covered twelve thousand kilometers of the road, of which - eight thousand six hundred - on their own. It was such an exploit of endurance and stamina of animals and people that no one previously knew. Especially considering that seven months of the way fell on a Siberian winter, which was freezing from frost, when the air temperature could drop to -40.

Even before the expedition started, horse breeders in Gavrilovo-Posad very much discouraged our enthusiasts from taking the Vladimir heavyweights. The arguments were as follows: these horses, perhaps, even barely reach Nizhny Novgorod. Wherever the peasant horses are more enduring, listen to good advice!

But in the Ivanovo region, no other horses were found then, and in time heavy trucks were forced to respect themselves and the members of the expedition, and all those who closely followed the course of the trip. Running forward, we will say that this heroic transition was on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

But the greatest difficulties in the eastern stage of the equestrian round-the-world expedition were not even in the cold, and movement, sometimes, at the limit of human strength. The most intractable was the problem of mutual understanding between Polonin and Shaburov. In the conditions of constant emotional tension, the disagreement began to appear more often among friends, although from the very beginning the Ivanovites were, as they say, "do not pour water". This was the reason that Shaburov refused to participate in the second stage of the expedition, and his new partner, Nikolai Davidovsky, became Peter's new partner.

I had to start again from scratch. After saying goodbye to the faithful heavyweights - Langoust and Mail, who were given a gift to the South Sakhalin equestrian club, afterwards they had to get new horses and a new tent and again look for sponsors for their project.

And now everything is ready: a new unusual wagon with wheels from the AN-2 airplane, new horses. The team now consisted of Peter Polonin, Nikolai Davidovsky, Andrei Gerasimov and Yevgeny Letkov. Governor Laptev helped dispatch inquiries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, as well as to the embassies of states, through which, according to the developed route, travelers were to travel.

That's where the new barrier grew: although almost all states gave what they called "good," their condition was to confirm the financial soundness of the expedition, from the calculation of five-hundred dollars a day per traveler.

It is clear that Ivanov did not have a ruble guarantee, let alone a currency one. It was a time of inflationary collapse in Russia, and any accumulation of the mentally depreciated. So what - to postpone the plans?

However, they decided to take a chance, having a small amount of finances and believing in the best.

On May 5 ninety-fourth year, the Ivanovites took the road under the pouring

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