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To rent a carriage to me, a carridge!

Even if these words Alexander Andreevich Chatsky says feverishly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But still it sounds better than the most reserved: "Taxi".

If before a girl with the goal of revenge on the guys, or vice versa, dreamed of driving on a luxury car, on some limousine, convertible, so that the enemy "jaw dropped", then today no one is not surprised, at best, you will lead an indifferent look. The coach is another matter! Seeing you in the carriage, your abuser "obzaviduetsya", if this is your admirer, then that hour will make you an offer, if this is your boss, then he immediately resigns, or adds you a salary, but, and if a subordinate, he may ask for an increase, because that a man who drives around in a carriage can not be mean. Chatsky, with his call "Carriage to me, coach!" In those days it was much easier. And what to do today, when you want to ride in a carriage? To do this, there is still the only one in Moscow "Coach rental car", which was recently opened by a descendant of Nikolai Petrov, who founded the carriage house 150 years ago.

Bentley on horse-drawn traction.

Exceptional to the "dark" man in the street today the coach seems like something luxurious and chic on four wheels. In reality, coaches are divided into classes that can be compared with classes of expensive car brands. Excursion to the world of carriages will be held by Vasya.

Luxury class are representatives of the most luxurious and chic specimens. These are Bentley and Rolls-Royces of cartage transport. They stand out for their luxurious interior and exterior natural finish of handwork, large sizes, use of genuine leather and valuable wood.

Class is elegant. It's like Mercedes S class cars, Audi A8, BMW Seven. These carriages are performed on the border of the craft with art. They differ from coaches of luxury class, only with more modest trim and more modest dimensions.

Class is a hobby. You can compare with the car analogues - Land Rover Discovery, BMW X3. This is a crew or a carriage, in addition to representative purposes, it also exercises practical functions. For example, they can go on a hunt.

Class-sport. Car analogues - Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang. Crews created for a sport ride can be both tough and elegant.

Special class, carriages or carriages designed for special occasions: for weddings, or roomy carriages for picnics.

A modern coach is a carriage made in classical form from natural materials. The assembly of the coach is manual, the selection of components is individual. The carriages are equipped with a spring suspension and for the softness of the stroke equipped with a modern chassis. There are also other modern nuances - the Bosch disc brakes and bearings. There is also a handbrake. You will not believe, but the gears are switched in a way that is not accessible even to super-sophisticated modern cars - the voice. The modern coach has a speed of up to 100 km / h, but more often the owners of the coaches do not want to go more than 50 km / h.

Portrait of the owner in the interior

You can not determine a modern carriage in a garage, the more so in an apartment ... It is these two factors that determine the circle of coach owners. It should be people who have an estate, a stable and a staff of people who will be engaged in servicing horses and carriages in the appropriate condition. In the coach staff, the lowest place is occupied by the groom - a man who follows the order in the stables. Then comes the rider, whose zone of responsibility is the condition and appearance of the horses, and then the coachman who manages the harness.

Although, as Vasya says, there are people who buy a carriage not for themselves, but as a gift to surprise their beloved, best friend or business partner. And they succeed.

The price of the coach depends on the class and ranges from $ 8.000 to 30.000, however, in fact, the upper price limit is determined by the requirements and imagination of the customer.

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